The most important COVID-19 information

Arguably, the most important COVID-19 information is probably not what you have been inundated with during the last few weeks.

Here are some facts:

  • COVID-19 is real
  • Many people have and will continue to get sick
  • Some have and others will die
  • The economy has been and will continue to suffer
  • Healthcare facilities have been and will continue to be overburdened
  • Overburdening may increase the number of individuals that die as a result
  • You don’t have to be one that dies

The focus of public health authorities is on trying to find the best ways to find out who has the virus, how to reduce the spread of the virus and how to treat those who become very ill.

The level of the crisis will be determined by the level of overburden on the hospital system which results in a lack of available beds and a lack of ventilators. The real crisis and cause for panic is that many people may die simply because of the lack of resources.

The real impact of the pandemic will be determined not by the number of people that become infected, but by the ratio of the number of people who become infected and recover without the need for hospitalization vs the number of people who become infected and become seriously ill and require hospitalization.

A representative from the CDC stated that the level of baseline health and immune function status are the most significant variables determining whether or not those who get infected become seriously ill and require hospitalization or recover without any such burden on the healthcare system. The CDC has been adamant from the beginning that those who are at most risk of serious illness from COVID-19 are those who are either immunocompromised from pre-existing illness or who have reduced immune function due to old age.

It is true that many of the elderly have reduced immune function. It is also true that many of the elderly have quite robust immune function. A recent report published in The Lancet concluded the fatality rate from COVID-19 is about 13% for those over 80 years of age, about 6% for those between 60 and 80yrs of age, and about 0.66% overall.

This study indicates that 83% of the people over the age of 80 have not died. Age is indeed a risk factor but it is not a variable that can be modified. It is evident, even according to the CDC, that baseline health and immune function is the most relevant and most significant factor that will reduce the risk of becoming seriously ill and requiring hospitalization. Baseline health and immune function status is a modifiable variable. This is what we as individuals have control over, not how old we are.

The real question is, what variable(s) are determining why the VAST majority of people infected with COVID-19, in all age groups, including the elderly, recover without the need for hospitalization or a ventilator while a small percentage require hospitalization and/or a ventilator and/or die?

Currently, there are no evidence-based interventions to decrease the severity of illness or death from the novel Coronavirus. There just has not been enough time to conduct any clinical studies. There are however evidence-based interventions or evidence-informed ways to improve baseline health and/or immune function status.

Governmental agencies and Public Health Officials have given guidelines that I agree with and that by following, together, we will reduce the negative impact of COVID-19 on healthcare facilities, and the number of people that will die as a result and the economy.

Limiting social contact will have a huge impact. But even with that, some will be affected. One of the most significant pieces of information regarding COVID-19 is to do your part in being personally responsible regarding your baseline health and immune function status.

Some very important, evidence-based and evidence-informed health strategies that many folks have written about recently include:

  • Emotional fitness and well-being strategies
  • Healthy sleep strategies
  • Physical fitness strategies
  • Healthy nutrition strategies

Most of us can look at our personal strategies regarding these lifestyle habits and determine where we can improve these modifiable behaviors. We should be personally responsible to aid us in being part of the solution instead of being part of the problem that has the potential to overburden our healthcare system.

There are also evidence-based strategies that are less talked about but arguably have a greater overall impact on baseline immune function status.

  • Acquiring and maintaining sufficiency of Vitamin D. This article from the British Medical Journal published in 2017 specifically discusses the importance of Vitamin D sufficiency in regards to upper respiratory infections.
  • This article discusses supplementing with a synergistic amount of natural vitamin A and D together.
  • This article discusses the role and importance of the ratio between Vitamin A and D as it relates to host resistance and influenza.
  • This is another article that discusses the relationship of Vitamin A and Vitamin D as it relates to the Th1 cell mediated inflammatory diseases.
  • This is another article discussing Vitamin D sufficiency as it relates to influenza.
  • This article states that “…Vitamin D supplementation significantly halved the risk of acute respiratory infections.”
  • This article discusses the importance of omega 3 fats in viral immune defense.

There are so many other articles that I could have included here but I really just wanted to stress the importance of proper supplementation of these essential nutrients. Essential nutrients are classed as such because the body cannot manufacture them and they are genetically required for proper function. These nutrients are required all the time but they are especially important during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic. The evidence suggests that supplementing in order to become sufficient in these essential nutrients will reduce the risk of serious illness that would result in the need for hospitalization, ventilators and death.

I urge you to maintain supplementing with Innate Choice Omega A&D Sufficiency, Probiotics and Vita Sufficiency during this pandemic.

My hope is that all of us will act responsibly during this time. Social responsibility begins with personal responsibility. This is why I feel that this is some of the most important information you could have read today regarding COVID-19.

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