Meet Dr. Brad Fackrell

Owner, Founder, & Chiropractor

My name is Dr. Brad Fackrell. When I decided to become a chiropractor, my wife and I had just started this big beautiful family. Now we have 9 terrific children (one not pictured) and eight grandchildren. All of them have been adjusted since birth. We are continually amazed and grateful for the great health they have enjoyed as the benefit of being chiropractic patients. My wife swears Chiropractic care is the reason she was able to have so many healthy pregnancies and deliveries.

My childhood wasn’t so healthy. My whole life I suffered from severe asthma. When I was 23 I began chiropractic care. I found that I had subluxation putting pressure on the nerves to my lungs. I never felt a problem in my back or neck, because you can’t feel subluxation. My medical doctor didn’t even find this problem. That’s because only a chiropractor is trained to find subluxation.

My Chiropractor started correcting the cause of my problem. My lungs worked better when my spine wasn’t putting pressure on my nerves. Today I am relatively drug free and I became a chiropractor so others could experience the same health benefits I have. You may read more of my story here.

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