All About Nutrition

Are you eating a diet that is congruent with your genetic requirements? Do you give your cells the nutrients they need to perform at a level that matches how you want to feel? Or are you creating a toxic environment making it very difficult for your cells to provide health for you to do the things you want to do?

  • Do you know what the right foods are that will create a healthy you?
  • Do you know what foods will create sickness and disease for you?

These are 2 important questions that cannot be ignored if you want to be healthy. What foods create sufficiency of nutrients ( help you become healthy) and what foods will cause a deficiency of nutirents (sickness and disease).

Many of our patients initial seek treatment because they are having a pain related issue. Frequently we are able to determine that their nutritional habits are actually creating inflammation that will lead to pain.

This is one reason that we encourage all of our patients to answer a Health Risk Assessment (HRA) questionaire in order to determine how urgent we need to address their nutritional habits.

The big picture is that if we eat foods that are congruent with our genes we will be creating health. If we eat foods that are toxic to our cells, even if they taste good, we will never be healthy.

Check out these videos of people who have been successful in changing their eating habits and are on their way to creating health: