Essential Nutrients & Supplements

A nutrient is classified as essential when it has these 2 qualifications:

  • It is genetically required by the species and
  • It can not be made by the species without some help from the external environment

For example, vitamin C is an essential nutrient for humans but not many other mammals. Tigers for example must also have vitamin C but their biology allows them to convert what they need from other sources without eating fruit sources.

For humans on the other hand, our genetics requires Vitamin C and our cells cannot perform their jobs without it. Deficiency of this essential nutrient for humans will eventually give symptoms of weak bones, easy bruising, slow healing wounds, dry skin and other symptoms.

In most cases, supplementing with Vitamin C is not necessary if you are eating fruits and vegetables daily, particularly if eating them raw.

There are some essential nutrients that are relatively easy to obtain from a healthy diet. However, with the depletion of soil nutrients and over processing of foods, there is some need to supplement in order to provide our ecosystem with the essential nutrients to provide homeostasis or a healthy environment for you.

This is why in my office I recommend supplementation of nutrients that are essential for the proper biological functioning of your ecosystem, your body. These are not supplements to help you overcome a symptom. They are supplements that are required for proper metabolism and health for you and everyone human.

The supplements that most folks are deficient in and therefore must supplement with are:

Vitamin A&D Fish Oil



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