Will Exercise Make You Smarter?


“A study led by researchers at Columbia University provides the first evidence in humans that a structured exercise training program increases neurogenesis (the birth and development of new nerve cells) in a memory hub of the brain.


The area, a subregion of the hippocampus called the dentate gyrus, is one of only two brain regions for which the evidence for lifelong neurogenesis is incontrovertible, and it is particularly vulnerable to age-related degeneration.”1

In other words, if you don’t exercise regularly, your brain function will be deficient and age prematurely. This will affect:  your ability to handle stressful situations, immune system function and your ability to heal, memory, cognitive function, attention and focus, balance, heart health, proper hormonal balances and endocrine function, sexual function, risk of cancer and risk of death.


On the other hand, if you exercise regularly, you will grow new nerve cells and will stay healthy and improve your quality of life.


Not exercising is not an excess weight gain problem, it is a decreased brain and nerve system functioning problem.


Today can you do 10 more squats than you did yesterday?


  1. Move Your Feet, Grow New Neurons? Exercise-induced Neurogenesis Shown in Humans Brainwork May 2007