Why We Take Better Care of You Than Your Insurance

Many new folks ask us why we don’t take their insurance.

First of all, we live in a transportation world that expects us to pay for the necessary maintenance on our vehicles. We have auto insurance that can replace our vehicle if it is damaged but, we pay for regular oil changes, gas, brakes, tires and other maintenance. If we follow this simple law of maintenance, our car can last us a long time and it will run a very long time. If we don’t follow the law of maintenance, there are consequences. Not including “maintenance” in our insurance plan helps to keep our premiums lower. Why couldn’t health insurance be the same?

The good news is there are share plans that help people who live the law of maintenance in their lives, but that’s an article to discuss in the future. The bad news is that many folks in our society have not lived the health law of maintenance for decades. It has created poor health. It has negatively impacted our economy and our national debt. Insurance premiums have risen dramatically and insurance companies are always looking for ways to not pay a claim. This is usually not news to folks.

This has led health care providers to play by the rules of the insurance company to only provide services that are “covered.” I hear horror stories in my practice of people who have large medical bills that rightly should have been paid by the insurance company but somehow a loophole was found and left the patient hanging.

In Chiropractic this typically means that the provider would limit the number of “covered” visits. In turn the Chiropractor adds “stuff” to each visit, some beneficial and some not so much. This allows for a higher bill for each visit to the chiropractor. This is common because the chiropractor knows that much of the bill will be denied, yet they still want to be paid, and they should be.

Our office chooses to not play the insurance game and many people love that. This allows the focus of our office to be helping folks discover the causes of their problems. This is the maintenance described above. Because we don’t play the insurance game we can provide exactly the care you need for lower cost. In fact, most of the time you will pay less in our office than if you were to pay co-pays in other offices.

The most important thing is that we don’t take your insurance because we want to do a better job of helping you than your insurance company may want us to.