Take my Headache Away

take my headaches away

A lady came into my office last week and said “Take my headache away.”  She was looking for a miracle because of how much pain she was in.

Headaches are one of the most common complaints for people going to see their medical doctor.  Nearly everyone gets a headache at some point.  In fact one article stated that:

“Over 45 million Americans (about one in six) suffer chronic headaches each year. Headaches therefore have a big economic impact — when you have a throbbing pain in your head, it’s hard to work. The cost of these headaches in absenteeism and medical expenses is estimated as high as $50 billion per year.”

The article talked about the “cost” of headaches.  I want to suggest that the “cost” is much greater in many ways.

Let’s take for example the number of people that take “safe” over-the-counter pain relievers.  Is there a “cost” associated with this?  Not just in the cost of the drugs but the cost of the treatment of disease later in life because of side effects and adverse drug reactions. (Risk of Kidney Failure Associated With the Use of Acetaminophen, Aspirin, and Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs; New England Journal of Medicine; December 22, 1994.)

The research suggests that simple over the counter acetaminophen can be quite deadly.  Is it worth it?

For the wise consumer, simple things can be done to take their headache away.  It is very common for people to get headaches because the bones in the spine become mis-aligned.  This puts pressure on the delicate nerves that go to the muscles and organs and can cause pain.

A simple chiropractic exam may reveal if your headaches are the result of this mis-alignment problem.  This mis-alignment is called subluxation.  If subluxation is the problem, it may be a very simple fix and you could be kissing your headaches goodbye.

So if you find yourself saying something like “take my headache away,” we may be able to help you.