Spinal Hygiene Videos

The research is clear that the joints of your spine and the rest of the body must move freely. If they don’t, there are negative effects that can become permanent. The first step is to understand what happens in your brain when motion is restricted by watching the Spinal Hygiene Video. Then it would be a good idea to see some examples of things that you can do to improve your spinal motion by watching the Use Your Head video, the 6-Way Strap video, The Thoracic Roller video or the Over-the-door video. You also may want to check out the Helpful Stretches page in our site to discover some examples of how to stretch specifically for your area of complaint.

Intro to Straight Chiropractic

Backpack Analogy

Spinal Hygiene Video

Fish Oil Evidence – Omega 3

Use Your Head

6-Way Strap Demonstration

Over the Door Traction Demonstration

Thoracic Roller Demonstration

Lumbar Mobility Disc Demonstration