3 Keys to Reducing Inflammation

The 3 most important keys to reducing inflammation start with a clearer picture of why you have
inflammation. Only then are you properly able to address it.

Localized inflammation can be caused from some sort of repetitive trauma or a major injury. Systemic
inflammation is most commonly caused because of toxicity in the cells or deficiency of nutrients in the
cells. Localized inflammation due to injury will be addressed in a different article. 3 keys to reducing
systemic inflammation is the topic of this discussion.

If there is toxicity or deficiency, there is no possible way for your body to be in homeostasis and
functioning well. You probably remember that allostasis is the antagonist of homeostasis. Allostasis is the
state of physiology when your body is forced to adapt due to stressors or rocks in your backpack. In order
to move closer to homeostasis the toxicity and deficiency must be addressed.

1. Deficiency: As a spinal care and nerve system specialist, arguably the most common deficiencies
and most detrimental to the health of your nerve system are omega 3 fats and  Vitamin D. These are
among the class of essential nutrients. In biology, something would be classed as essential if it is
genetically required for proper function and the body can’t provide it without some outside
intervention. There is a great deal of information online and in our office that addresses these
deficiencies. Being deficient in these 2 nutrients directly affect many functions in your body
including the inflammatory process and nerve system function.

2. Toxicity: There are many things that can cause toxicity and interfere in the interaction of
hormones and metabolism. Poor nutrition and perhaps the biggest common culprit in our culture is
sugar. But not just sugar but the things we eat that are treated like sugar in our body. The solution
to this problem is not artificial
sweeteners. The solution is to eat as close
to the way nature provides food as

3. Move More: Exercise is what we were
genetically designed to do. If we don’t
exercise we limit our body’s ability to
flush out toxins. In addition to many
other things, exercise creates a stimulus
that is genetically required for proper
brain and nerve system function. Lack of
exercise is a major deficiency as far as
your brain is concerned.

By adopting these 3 keys into your lifestyle you are well on your way to reducing inflammation.